Belfair members enjoy the diverse natural beauty and wildlife of our plantation. With nature trails and designated wildlife observation areas, every effort has been made to bring all the elements of natural assets and existing resources into harmony.

Belfair is home to Hidden Lake, a 42-acre chain of freshwater lakes. The upper portion of Hidden Lake contains what has been classified by the US Fish and Wildlife Service as one of the more significant colonial wading bird rookeries in South Carolina. The rookery has been maintained as a conservancy, demonstrating the community's commitment to preserving the ecological integrity of the land. Some of the species found in rookery include the endangered wood stork, great and snowy egrets, bald eagle, and the blue and green backed herons. The Belfair site is also located in the middle of the Atlantic flyway for migratory birds; therefore hosting many different bird species year-round.

Among wildlife found at Belfair are the bandit-faced raccoons, unusual fox squirrels, white-tailed deer and wild turkey to name a few.

Belfair is rich in natural beauty. Conservation
assures that it will stay that way.